Smart Elite Training Box – as “SmartFitCube”


We will use our existing connections and networks through this partnership to enter new markets. Where one of our partners already has the connections will be the lead and take the products in. We intend to build a partnership distribution network and ecosystem with our sales partners in the locations. We will partner with Trainers and Fitness experts, who will be our ambassadors in the region. Direct customer sales will support partner channels acquisition. We have selected niche products for development and diversification to help enter the market and gain traction. Strong focus will be placed on online marketing, direct sales support for key accounts and partner management though end users and partner events, training focused meet-ups.


In our strategy, we plan to primarily target “proxi” companies and re-sellers, in line with the different customer bases, in line with the functionality of the different products. Instead of building out our own sales force, we plan to use re-sellers and distributors to give us access to the local markets.

We plan to enter

Based on the in-depth market research we have conducted, we chose to take an “aggressive” market entry strategy based on the following phases:

Phase 1: UK Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Austria

Phase 2: Eastern European countries: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia

Phase 3: “Rest of CEE”, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland


Home Box: families, all generations and ages, females and males

Community Box: municipalities, community centres, operators of public playgrounds

Fitness Box: fitness centres, health clubs, rehabilitation centres, training gyms, schools, hotels, business centres

Military Box: defence forces, military tactical training suppliers

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