Smart Elite Training Box – as "SmartFitCube"


Project activities

The 3 companies are planning to set up a Joint Venture for easy market entry.

Ferrodus Ltd is responsible for drawing and 1st phase design of the prototypes, manufacturing the main heavy elements of the prototypes, participate in testing, joint marketing and sales.

Gyapinet is responsible for preparation of technical plans, manufacturing the special elements of the prototypes, that need special know-how, development of SMART software system, assembling the prototypes, lead the testing, sales and marketing support.

Defex is responsible for drafting the requirements, defining the specifications for functionality, assigning the IPR, participate in testing, evaluation of results, conducting demo days, development of manuals, training programs. The project, starting from the planning phase already takes into consideration both the sustainability as well as the gender related aspects. Sustainable solutions (such as renewable energy components are inserted (batteries to charge the SMART apps in suncollector). the raw material used is also more environment friendly, than the native steal solutions. SMART apps communication in tool is gender neutral; there is possibility to use touchpads and voice to interact trough program so that people with disadvantages (hand injuries) can easily use it. The UI of the SMART Apps will also have options for bigger letters, colours, font size etc. to support the users with weaker eyesights. The Virtual Academy tutorials will have female and male (50-50%) demonstrators on the videos to assure gender equity. There will be special exercises developed for females, to encoradge higher participation in exercising. We will also implement measures for choosing the suppliers who are already fimplementing sustainable development measures and who's organizations are gender friedly. 2 of our staff members will be females. ms, On-line Academy programs, sales and marketing.

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