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The company has it’s settlement in Pécs. Owing to our continuous progress and current developments, now the floor area of the production hall exceeds 1000 m2, employing 23 personnel.

Concerning work organization, our activities include manufacture and assembly of special-purpose products, machines and machine units. We employ metal machinists, a shortage occupation in metal industry nowadays, who produce small series of special parts on machines. We are capable of manufacturing special parts for tailored and unique exercise training equipment, that only very few manufacturers can deliver. We, of course, have CNC machines as well and develop our machine pool regularly. Our customers basically include producers which manufacture special purpose machines for their customers (e.g. manufacturers in printing industry, shipyards, industrial scale manufacturers, food producers, automotive industry, manufacturers of medical equipment), and we produce components needed for these machines. Our clients are: BAT tobacco, Siemens and GE factories, AUDI and VW factories. We export to: South Transdanubia region, Germany, Austria, Italy and wish to expanding currently, stepping out on new markets with new products.


Ferrodus Ltd. Croatia is a company established in 2013. We have 4 employees, a 300 square-meter manufacturing hall and specialised metal manufacturing and testing machines (cca 40 machines). We have created a brand of fitness equipment called PREDATOR STRENGTH and developed and tested 3D blueprints for around 150 different fitness machines (value blueprints is 1,5-1,8mill Croatian Kuna). We have EU project experience (EU project to equip Croatian state and Border police forces with fitness equipment which present HIT in fitness and CrossFit industry in the World, tested by of SAFU Agency of EU projects in Croatia). We deliver CAD/CAM development, software development, electronic circuit development and implementation. We co-operate with partner scientists from the worldwide-known institute of science Ruđer Bošković in Zagreb and the partner with local College professors (Velučičlište u Bjelovaru) Mechanotronics, Croatian national coach for fitness & bodybuilding, Mr. Boris Presecki, who is a selected member of the Croatian Olympic committee and Adria Fitness Academy and Titan Gym fitness center in Bjelovar. In 2018, the Company won the prestigious 1st price for STARTUP Bjelovar for project of upgrading curved non-motorized treadmills with ferrofluid generator (nanotech) guided by a microprocessor unit.

We have ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, qualifiations and certificates. The Company manufactures and sales via its own international brand, called PREDATOR STRENGTH. We are presently exporting to Germany, Mexico, USA, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. Instagram: Facebook Page:


DEFEX Hungary Ltd. is a Pécs-based, private security company providing worldwide protective and security, as well as consultancy and training services to states, governments, corporate clients, and individual customers. We have experience working in war zones including Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Georgia, Kosovo and hot spots in Africa. We also have clients in the UK, Germany. In the past years, our focus was on transferring our military knowledge into the commercial world, seeking for new and innovative methods to develop training methodology for “Civilian sector” in training and exercise. We have a signed contract with University of Pécs Sports Research Center, where we allow researchers to conduct various studies on our trainees, measuring health related indicators during heavy training periods.

ELITE CHALLENGE, launched in 2011 is a program designed both for civilians and professionals who wish to try out what it feels like to get through Special Forces selection just like if you wanted to get into the ranks of the US Army special forces( The program is accepted officially as an © Intellectual Property of Defex Hungary Ltd. Linked to the EC program, we have started to develop the concept of “The Elite Challenge Training and Education System (ECTES)”, which is a new, ’hybrid’ training system which aims at developing individual strength, endurance, physical and mental functionality and specific movement-coordination abilities by using specifically designed training equipment and 3D training environment. Currently, we have the basic concept for the ECTES, but in order to fully place the innovation on the market, we need to develop and prototype the connected training equipment necessary for the ECTES concept. Defex owns an older school building in Kozármisleny, that will serve as an excellent base for the newly developed product demonstration and testing hall training center. We already have all building permits issued by the respective authorities for the renovation.

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