Description of the product pack: Smart Elite Training Box (SETB)

The Elite Challenge Training System is a completely new approach in keeping large number of people fit using a simple and safe to use equipment like the Smart Elite Box. The Smart Elite Box is a modular, cube-shaped, multipurpose exercise frame that can be easily set up at home, in schools, in public parks and in gyms. It will be easy to deploy and assemble due to its innovative folding mechanism and will be equipped with sensors communicating with smart phones or smart watches via Bluetooth or WiFi to monitor exercise efficiency and track training data. With this, any user can keep track of their training by saving important data that can be later reviewed or studied to revise training plans and develop more effective exercises.

It can be used anywhere: gyms, hotels, medical practices, schools, playground, community areas and on tactical courts as well. Products conceived and designed for all types of user: from beginners to professionals.

Product Family consists of 4 Boxes all tailored and designed for different target groups:


With the ability to be set-up or broken down in only 15 minutes by 1 operator, the box pre-assembled swing-out features require no tools or power supply, making it the most efficient and deployable system.


All Boxes will be equipped with “SMART” applications, that allow the close monitoring of body and health functions before, during and after the training. With sensor-equipped training bases, you can easily control the performance and its effectiveness. Measuring and recording the participants' data (weight, blood pressure, heart rate, size data, etc.) can provide a comprehensive picture of the effectiveness of the training and can be valuable data for medical research projects.


Along with the development of the prototypes, we will develop the complementary services, which will be apart of the new portfolio:

  • Training Manual & Handbook and video exercise tutorial/product
  • On-Line Training academy, e-learning content
  • Website/webshop, promotional material, flyers
  • Webinars and online workshops with professional instructors
  • Training room is an internet-based module, which provides access to training activity from anywhere in the world
  • Virtual Trainer/Instructor